Not sending errors

I was testing my script on localhost & was able to trigger it to send errors just fine. Then it stopped working an hour later & nothing changed.(I’m on the free plan, using Angular JS)

<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

After adding ‘ngRaven’ as a dependency in my app, it worked. I found this out from the sales page, it wasn’t in the “get started” wizard nor was it in the documentation on sentryio :confused: Plus the code is minified so its not obvious.

@joshr - thanks for posting your solution. Sorry to hear that you struggled; we’ll update the documentation.

Hey @joshr – which page are you referring to? We have this page, but the ngRaven dependency is listed there.

There’s also this page, where the ngRaven dependency is mentioned, but it might feel a little buried.

Maybe it was just buried, either way that plugin goes nuts & logs the errors 8,000x see my comments on this issue from 2015 -

New issue filed against correct project