React Native project with multiple target environments

I’m starting to integrate Sentry into my React Native project using the new / beta Swift client. BTW - If this works, it will be fantastic because it means I won’t need two crash loggers, one for JS and one for Native!

Our project has multiple environment targets for development/staging/production. This is handled using build schemes in Xcode and environment variables for Android, using

We’ve created two Sentry applications, one for staging and one for production. My question is, how do we configure the “Bundle React Native code and images” build script in Xcode to configure different SENTRY_PROJECT values for staging vs production?

Perhaps multiple sentry applications is the wrong approach? Should I be using one application that separates staging from production using tags?

Yes, I think you should be using the environment tag.
We’re releasing some improvements to top level environment filtering soon that should give you powerful tools to break down data by environment