React Native Sentry not uploading artifacts

We are using Sentry in a React Native project with Xcode and recently have noticed the build artifacts are not being uploaded main.jsbundle and


"@sentry/cli": "^1.61.0",
"@sentry/react-native": "^2.1.0",

Xcode build phases for sentry:

All of the build phases I’ve taken from the docs here.

“Bundle React Native code and images”

export NODE_BINARY=node
export EXTRA_PACKAGER_ARGS="--sourcemap-output $DERIVED_FILE_DIR/"
../node_modules/@sentry/cli/bin/sentry-cli react-native xcode ../node_modules/react-native/scripts/

“Upload debug symbols to sentry”

export NODE_BINARY=node
../node_modules/@sentry/cli/bin/sentry-cli upload-dif "$DWARF_DSYM_FOLDER_PATH"

The archive I’ve been running to test with is configured to run as a “release”. It says it’s uploading in the background and then nothing further is reported to me in the archive logs directly.

Any insight or suggestions on how to resolve this would be appreciated.