React - Sentry integration - using Iframe


We’re developing a React-based app that is being used as a ‘widget’ on other websites. Our entire react app is wrapped in an iframe using react-frame-component.


We noticed that once our app is integrated on any website errors don’t get logged to Sentry anymore and we’re not entirely sure how to solve this.

So we’re seeking a solution to log errors to Sentry that occur inside an iframe and ONLY inside that iframe.

Is it possible to somehow tell Sentry what window/target/scope to use?

Using React Error Boundaries might be an option to consider. However, it doesn’t capture all errors.

Iframe - code

    <Iframe initialContent={initialIframeContent}>
        <App />

Sentry integration - code

    environment: env,
    dsn: SENTRY_DSN

If any relevant information is missing pls let me know and I’ll update this question asap.