Red error messages after upgrading sentry

I just upgraded sentry to 8.20 and now get 2 red banners at the top. Get the same messages when I go to /_health/?full

“Background workers haven’t checked in recently. This is likely an issue with your configuration or the workers aren’t running.”
“Celery workers are referencing a different version of Sentry (8.20.0 vs 8.18.0)”

Howerever, I have checked the logs of the workers, and they appear to be processing jobs. And I have checked the version of everything using sentry --version and all instances show 8.20.0.

Is this a bug or is something wrong? Where do I go from here to try to fix the problem?

The error message says exactly what is wrong, it sounds to me that you haven’t restarted your workers which is why it’s reporting as the wrong version.

It also sounds like you’re not running the sentry cron process, which is what would be used to help with the Background workers haven't checked in recently error. sentry cron periodically sends out a “are you here” message in which a worker responds with it’s version and whatnot to keep the whole system in check.