Sentry stopped showing errors , just after few days. ? no issues on internal

[Background workers haven't checked in recently. This is likely an issue with your configuration or the workers aren't running.](

When logging in, I see this message as notification on my sentry dashboard. Not able to figure out the exact cause and the solution.

I tried clearing up all the datas from redis volume that didn’t solve it.
Would love to know the cause and solutions.

This is your issue: check your worker logs. They are probably stuck or down and need to be restarted.

@BYK yes, restarting the workers resolves the issue but is there a permanent fix for this ?

I run sentry on k8s, if a node hosting a sentry worker pod gets restarted, i dont see any events on my dashboard. Is restarting the sentry pods the only fix ? a Liveness and Readiness probe doesnt help fixing this problem.

Don’t know much about k8s and we don’t really support custom setups but seems like you may benefit from dedicated workers mentioned here: How to clear backlog and monitor it

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