Can't get whitelistUrls to work

We have a script that’s running on a client’s web page and would like Sentry to report only the exceptions originating from our script (added via script tag).

We have tried

    whitelistUrls: [],

where we added to whitelistUrls the full string path to the script file as well as just the domain of the server hosting the script. It still reports exception from other scripts running in that webpage.

Some of the stack traces have either this line:

{snip} tion(e){if(_t=void 0,ht!==e){var n;ht=e;try{n=O(}catch(t){n="<unknown>"}r.getCurrentHub().addBreadcrumb({category:"ui."+t,message:n {snip}


{snip} Ot(t,e)});return t.handleEvent?t.handleEvent.apply(this,l):t.apply(this,l)}catch(t){throw Ct+=1,setTimeout(function(){Ct-=1}),r.withScope(fu {snip}

I believe this is Sentry code. Then there are reports without exceptions which I believe are console errors being reported.

I can provide more info. Any help to identify the issue is appreciated.

I realised why this was happening. My scenario can’t really make use of whitelist.