Release/Deploys and Promotion Workflows

Consider I have a integration, staging, and production environment.

The production environment is deployed with a human verification. (We could automate this, but for out own sanity if something goes wrong, we do this manual push step in the core working hours of the team that can fix any issue).

CI creates ‘releases’ all the time PRs are merged, so in a day, assuming release ‘A’ is already in production, we make release, B, C, and D. D contains all the changes in Cm, and C all the ones in B, etc.

They are deployed to staging automatically.

Since production is manual, we might do it the following morning. So the ‘release’ deployed there would jump from ‘A’ to release ‘D’.

However the automated release notes Sentry generates will only indicate the changes in release ‘D’. It send an email only to developers who made a change in release D. People who made changes in B, or C, get nothing; even though their changes were also deployed.

It does not take into account that in production, we skipped, B and C. and the changes are from A to D; so the email that goes out does not reflect what actual changes were released.

My feedback is to add this awareness that a release includes the changes or itself and all prior releases before it.