Releases section and Codepush documentation improvements

There are a couple of things that annoy me about the Releases section on the Sentry website, and I thought I’d mention some ways in which they could be improved.

We’ve started using Codepush for mobile releases, but the Releases page that shows all the recent releases and the pages for individual releases on the Sentry website don’t make it clear whether a particular release is for a Staging or a Production Codepush deployment. This would be helpful because the Sentry-CLI Codepush command defaults to using the Staging deployment when uploading build files, but the Sentry documentation for Codepush does not mention this, and does not use the --deployment argument in its example showing how to upload Appcenter files on this page. This caught us by surprise the first time we tried an upload and noticed the difference between the release of what had just been uploaded to Sentry (v3) and the release reported in the Sentry errors that were coming in (v1). I think this deployment behavior should also be mentioned on the page I’ve just linked to.

I think it would also be helpful to show the full release name (, etc.) on the release pages somewhere. Right now it’s only visible in the URL for the page.

The last thing that I think could be improved is the search functionality on the Releases page. I have a release which appears in the search results as “1.0-codepush:v1”. But if I search for “1.0”, “codepush”, or “v1”, I get no search results. I have to search for “com.gingerlabs.twobird.production-1.0-codepush” in order for the release I’m looking for to show up in the search results. I think searching for any of the search terms I’ve just mentioned should show the release as a result.