How to allow symbolication for RN when CodePush is in use

Hey there,

we are facing an issue with CodePush and code symbolication.
Basically when a specific CodePush version is promoted to production the release version is different (say v200 on QA is v10 in PROD) resulting in no symbolication.

To work around this issue we do something we found on other thread such as Sentry.setRelease(myApp-${update.label}); so that the version will be the production version.

Now the issue is that we seem to fail to properly upload the symbols associated to that myApp-v10 let’s say. The command we use is:

sentry-cli releases files myApp-v10 upload-sourcemaps --strip-prefix <path_to_source_maps> --rewrite ./ ./

But while those appears in the Releases section of Sentry, still we get

Source code was not found Url app:///main.jsbundle

and nothing gets symbolicated.

Any suggestions on how to better handle this scenario?