Removing the "Track Deploy" button in UI

I’ve setup the Github Enterprise integration for our Sentry, and I see the GitHub hook events hitting our Sentry environment.

But I still see “Track Deploy” in the UI, which takes me to Automatic Release Management | Sentry Documentation
Is this UI element supposed to change once releases is setup? I’m wondering if me seeing this UI element means there is an issue with my setup.

Just to say, I’m seeing the same thing. Projects have connected releases created via cli with connected repos/commits, uploaded source maps, etc, yet the button to the docs still remains. Seems a little odd. :slight_smile:

Just to follow-up… that button does get replaced with your most current release from each environment once you start “deploying” the releases. Not sure why they link to that broad release management page, but basically the bottom of this page about “Creating Deploys” does the magic…

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