Reply to Sentry email notification to resolve an issue

Feature request - let users simply reply to a sentry notification email mark an issue as resolved. A lot of times it isn’t even necessary to open the app to diagnose and resolve an issue.

So we do support replying to leave a comment, but what would something like this look like?

We’d have to have some clunky syntax to do actions. For me personally, I’ve always wanted assignment to be able to be done via email, but this is also difficult.

Any thoughts or examples of other tools that implement more complex actions via email?

We could hide these commands from the user by embedding them in mailto:-links in the email itself.

<a href="mailto:resolve+<issue ID and secret>">Resolve Issue</a>

mailto links also support bodies, so the command does not have to be part of the email addr.

Gmail also has a custom format for one-click actions but I don’t think any other email provider supports those. Might be good enough though.

A simple (to be tested if / how well it will work - I’m not aware of a similar system in production but we’re working on something similar) way to do it would be to ask users to send a one-word reply “Resolved” if they’d like to mark it as such. In the receiving end run a keyword check (or semantic parsing to support less restrictive input) - and resolve the issue if there’s a ‘match’