Resolved issue immediately marked incorrectly as regression

Similar to Issues incorrectly re-opened as "regressed" but we’re not using the releases feature.

We had a database fall over which generated about 9k events in a short time period. We recovered the database and the errors stopped coming in.


Now, if I click “resolve”, sentry immediately reopens it as a regression even though the last event was hours ago. I can just keep clicking resolve and it keeps sending me emails saying it opened it again but there are no new events. It even says in the email “Last seen: 10:42pm UTC” and it’s now 01:54 UTC

I’ve had this happen a few times before, usually I just have to come back a day later and resolve the issue. But it’s pretty annoying to not be able to resolve fixed issues and focus down onto real problems which were caused by the outage.

The next day, I managed to resolve this issue but another issue from the same outage which had 88k events is still not resolvable even though the last even was over a day ago now.