What does resolving actually do?

Just that — if I mark an issue as resolved, will it reappear if it happens again? Not “resolved in next release” or anything fancy, just click the “Resolve” button.

I swear I searched the docs up and down and tried hovering over pretty much everything I could in the UI.


If you mark something as generically resolved, it will reopen (“regress”) immediately if it happens again.

(We definitely need to improve docs around workflow actions.)


Also arrived here to find this out :slight_smile:

Maybe the right place would be https://docs.sentry.io/product/notifications/

I searched “resolve” in the “search docs” feature, but it doesn’t find anything helpful. If you search “resolved”, then the 4th and 5th results both seem promising


but they’re dead links e.g. https://docs.sentry.io/learn/notifications#issue-states/