RESOLVED - JS sourcemap not found


Hosted Sentry 8.20.0

I am working on a cordova app and could not get sourcemaps to work.

This is what I am doing:

  1. upload source maps and source js to sentry
  2. normalizing filenames as per: normalize filenames in the frame

I can see the artifacts:


This is a part of the event json:

{“id”:“bee2212f803b4769ad692f43ba8ec0ad”,“project”:2,"release":"0.1.13",“dist”:null,“platform”:“javascript”,“culprit”:"/vendor.bundle.js in n",“message”:“Invariant Violation Element type is invalid: expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function (for composite components) but got: undefined. Check the render method of n. vendor.bundle.js in n”,“datetime”:“2017-09-15T02:25:16.000000Z”,“time_spent”:null,“tags”:[[“transaction”,“vendor.bundle.js in n”],[“level”,“error”],[“url”,“myurl”],[“sentry:user”,“ip:”],[“logger”,“javascript”],"[“sentry:release”,"0.1.13],[“os. name”,“Linux”],[“browser”,“Chrome 61.0.3163”],[“browser. name”,“Chrome”]],“contexts”:{“os”:{“version”:null,“name”:“Linux”},“browser”:{“version”:“61.0.3163”,“name”:“Chrome”}},“errors”:[{“url”:“vendor.bundle.js”,“type”:"js_no_source"

You can see;

  1. release matches with screenshot : 0.1.13
  2. sentry not able find source for vendor.bundle.js


at the end of: vendor.bundle.js


Sourcemap itself is valid - as I can see it being applied on Chromium.

Not sure, what I am doing wrong here?

It turned out that the worker docker container did not have access to the files, I noticed an error in Sentry/Internal pointing me to the root cause. I mounted the storage/files directory in the worker container and now the problem is resolved.