Sourcemap artifact not used



We cannot seem to get our self-hosted Sentry (v. 8.10.0) to consider the uploaded sourcemaps when processing received events. When we inspect the error events in the GUI, the stacktraces are referring to lines and columns in the minified file.

Here’s a typical stacktrace in the GUI:


As you can see, the references are to the minified bundle. Here’s the list of artifacts to that release:


We interpret the documentation that it’s fine to have the name of the sourcemap as “~/”.

We’re uploading the minified bundle and the source map using the sentry-cli (v. 1.6.0) tool that you’ve provided using the following command:

It seems to work fine:


The sourceMappingURL is in place at the end of the deployed bundle. Here’s a screenshot of the last line of the bundle on the server:


We’ve found the following issues that relate to ours. Studying them has helped us somewhat, but we have not managed to resolve the issue yet.

Uploaded source map not being used (no response as of yet)
Can't use sourcemaps/artifacts

Have we missed some detail in the filenames or in our formation of the sourceMappingURL reference?

Or if everything seems ok, maybe the problem lies not with the upload but rather how we’ve configured our servers, like in the following issue

On a final note: it takes a long time (like 2 hrs) for the events to appear in the GUI. Is there a way to decrease this waiting time so that we get faster test iterations?


I’m having the exact same issue. Couldn’t find any solution for it yet


We have not been able to resolve it yet, and have kinda given up for the time being.
But maybe now we can bump this thread, and get some attention!


I’ve had the same exact issue described here!

Haven’t found a solution yet.


We also have this issue and no solution in sight.


@Krafty have you found a solution?


No, not yet unfortunately. But when we get back to it, and if we succeed, we’ll post any findings here!