Retention period for releases


does Sentry have a retention period for releases?

How can I easily delete all releases which are older 90 days in all projects?

Right now I have to

  1. open page with list of release organizations/<organization>/releases
  2. open page with one old release
  3. press “Delete” button
  4. confirm my action in a dialog box.
  5. Go to back to old versions

I discovered that in our sentry-data docker volume the biggest folder is files (20Gb) where I found source-maps of really old releases.

Will answer to myself.
Yes, Sentry doesn’t have retention period for releases.
Here is one project which do cleanup: GitHub - actano/sentry-delete-old-releases: Delete releases older than x days from sentry server
But I prefer to use python script, so here is another solution which do the same:
phyton/ at 5f7f17486027d3a0fc61dd9b358888c17175b4da · vzhgit/phyton · GitHub