Select search interval more than 90 days

We setted retention for our Sentry (version 20.9.0.dev0a62c9e5) to 365 days in
sentry/ file: SENTRY_OPTIONS["system.event-retention-days"] = int( env("SENTRY_EVENT_RETENTION_DAYS", "365") )
and by setting up SENTRY_EVENT_RETENTION_DAYS env variable to 365 for docker-compose.yml file:
command: '"0 0 * * * gosu sentry sentry cleanup --days $SENTRY_EVENT_RETENTION_DAYS"'

But I don’t see possibility to extend this search interval
It allows to select only last 90 days.
Is it possible to extend it by some settings?


There are many places, especially on the UI, assuming a max retention of 90 days. This variable is mostly to let people reduce this, not increase. I think we also have some hard-coded values in Clickhouse/Snuba, right @lynnagara?

Yes - the core events table (sentry_local) currently only supports 30 and 90 days as options. However we are actually migrating to a new table over the next few months, which will respect whatever retention value is passed.

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