SDK for Crystal language


I’ve been using Sentry for many years now - with Ruby, Javascript, Node.js…
Now I’d like to introduce SDK for Crystal -

It started as a port of raven-ruby, and ended up as a partial rewrite of it, still supporting most of its features and public API.

Only thing missing from its Ruby equivalent is source fetching, which in compiled language like Crystal is impossible without actually embedding the source into the binary - not something anyone would want :wink:

Any testing and help with development would be appreciated.

Would be great if this lib could be included on the Sentry Integrations page - if deemed appropriate.

Cheers and thanks for building Sentry in the first place!

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This looks really cool sija! Cytstal is an exciting project. hopefully the static typing will help generate less runtime exceptions than ruby :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. It’s definitely possible for a community SDK to be linked from our docs and integrations but usually we would want to see some adoption first so we know rough edges are smoothed out.

Thanks! Crystal is indeed exciting, and growing in numbers (and features) by the day. Perhaps one day it’ll power the Sentry server… :wink:

Per library at the moment satisfies required and recommended feature sections for “production-ready SDKs” (last version even bakes in user feedback support :))

I understand your rationale and of course leave it for your consideration.
Perhaps if you have an “Unofficial clients” section (or similar) it might get a mention there (more people on the Crystal wagon, yay ;)).

Also, I’m open to moving it under @getsentry github org for your stewardship if you’d like that.

we should do a better job at documenting unofficial clients, and making them easier to find

Just FYI, has reached a stable v1.0.
It’s tested and used in production for months without an issue.

Would be nice to have it mentioned in the Sentry docs somewhere (along perhaps with highlighting Crystal as supported language).

I’ve perpetrated a (not so) brief introduction to Sentry on Crystal, in which I’m trying to guide through the basic feature set provided by raven shard and possible gotchas one might encounter. All feedback/critique is much welcomed!