Semaphore Error

Hi there – installed a semaphore relay in between our services and Sentry and getting this error periodically:

Status: FailedCannotMakeProgress

But not seeing anywhere in the code where this can actually be called. Can you please provide more context? And does this mean the events are not getting sent? Thanks.

We have never seen that error. Could you provide more information, such as a stacktrace and surrounding error logs?

Yeah there’s no stacktrace unfortunately and seems to happen periodically. The only logs surrounding it is:

2019-11-25T11:39:29Z [trust_dns_proto::xfer::dns_exchange] INFO: sending message via …

I searched this particular error: FailedCannotMakeProgress and the only library coming up is

But I’m also not sure where in Semaphore this is getting used. It’s not in the cargo file.