Send status code with 'Hint' using axios

Hey there,

I’m currently building a global error handler with Sentry and I use the beforeSent method. I realized that the hint parameter does not include the status code I got back from the server. I use axios as HTTP library. I would like show a message on the screen that is dependent on the status code. It might be an axios thing but afaik it always holds the status code in the response-object. My hint-object looks like this:

      "message":"Request failed with status code 404",
      "fileName":"http://localhost:8080/static/js/chunk-vendors.js line",
            "Accept":"application/json, text/plain, */*",


if (hint?.originalException?.status === 404) {
  showNotificaiton({ name: 'Resource not found', type: 'error', duration: 3000 })

Thanks a lot!

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