Many xhr fail errors recorded in sentry have "0" status code and we have no xhr.abort logic in codebase. what could be wrong?

Here is a breadcrumb of a xhr failure error

there is not xhr request abortion logic present in the codebase

apart from closing the browser tab there is no known reason for aborting requests.

Can anyone tell what could be happening

there is not xhr request abortion logic present in the codebase

There is. The Sentry UI will cancel open requests if you change URLs/routes before the XHR has completed. This is likely triggering the 0 response values you’re seeing.

Our product is a react SPA and app’s routes are react-router and hashHistory based ones

So will the xhr abortion logic apply to change of hash route as well? if it is then its not expected. In SPAs data is reused across routes.

Secondly why is xhr abortion in the domain of error handling. It only creates an unnecessary request on the server, the js runtime becomes obsolete if there is a change of url path(not hash) right?.

PS: Not a rant, we wanna know because its affecting our workflow.

@sagiavinash – sorry, looking at the screenshot, I assumed you were running an open source Sentry on your servers and this was a breadcrumb from an error triggered by the Sentry server install.

To repeat: Raven.js (the browser JavaScript SDK) does not abort your XHRs. But it does record successful/failed/aborted XHRs as breadcrumbs.

We are facing a similar issue here.

Our server code base never return 404 for a given endpoint, but the sentry dashboard is showing that we are returning status_code = 404.0.

Any news on that @sagiavinash, @benvinegar?