Sending events to Sentry

Dear Sentry community,

after a bit of googling I found myself needing to ask the following:

What is the destination of Sentry events?

I’d really like to make sure I do not expose any web pages at the URL I am sending the events to.

The only endpoint for ingesting events is /api/\d+/store/. So if you only wanted to expose this one endpoint, you’d be safe to do so.

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Thanks @matt! It’s a great suggestion and I will implement immediately.

What about containers? There are 3 versions of Sentry available in cluster:

  • run web
  • run worker
  • run cron

and I can route to any one of them.

Which ones can accept events? Why?

As the name implies, web is the only one that serves HTTP. These are just different services. web handles the HTTP requests, worker is async processing of data, and cron is just periodic tasks that need to happen within the cluster.

You shouldn’t route requests directly to web though, it should at least go through a real web server like nginx or haproxy first.

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