Does sentry web API support batch events?

I can’t find on Sentry source code the “/store/” web API endpoint to understand if there’s a support for
array of events instead of 1 event on each call.

I want to write my own transporter to write batch of events from the client to the sentry API
because the current state of writing 1 event per request crashing my service network.


The store endpoint is routed to the Relay service. There is no store endpoint in Python code. I’m not sure how individual HTTP requests crash at the network layer but perhaps HTTP keepalive needs configuring?

Thank you for answering.
Do you know by any chance if there’s support by the web API to receive array of events?


Sorry, no. We only support to receive one event at a time.

That’s unfortunate and non scaleable to improve client performance.

Thank you for your time.