Sentry 10 / Jira server integration - alert rule / base url questions

Hi there. I’m working on setting up integrations in Sentry 10, and Jira is the current one. We run both Sentry and Jira on premises.

We have a service mesh / reverse proxy layer, and the hostname we access websites from is not the same as the hostname that a server accesses another server from. I was able to work around this by editing the setup dialog’s redirect URL after getting redirected, but when linking an issue the incorrect hostname is used (since it’s the only one Sentry knows about). Is there a way I can provide a separate base URL for “urls being clicked in the browser”, while retaining the existing hostname for making API calls from the server? (Even hand-editing the database would be fine)

Secondly: I am currently able to link and create new issues, but I am not seeing Jira show up in the alert rule target drop-down. I’m not sure why not or how to troubleshoot it. Any guidance?