Sentry <3 Python 3

Dear Sentry Self-Hosted users,

I am pleased to announce that Sentry now has experimental support for Python 3.6! All our tests are passing on Python 3.6 and we have confirmed that overall, things run without issues. That said there are a few things you need to know before you try:

  1. If you are upgrading, make sure you back up your data as it won’t be possible to go back to a Python 2 version if you encounter issues.
  2. There may be edge cases or integrations that are broken and we are looking for brave souls to find and report these so we can fix them faster.

To opt in, all you need is to set SENTRY_PYTHON3=1 in your environment before running the install script (like SENTRY_PYTHON3=1 ./

Looking forward to your feedback here and on GitHub.



Are there any inherent benefits of enabling this outside of 3rd party plugins / development and things like that?

@DandyDeveloper Yes. Python 3 is supported. Python 2.x hit end-of-life last January.

What @kohenkatz said. We also expect it to be more efficient, especially after we fully transition into Py3 and clean up the Py2 compatible code.

Just to be clear, I understand the inherent benefits of moving away from Python 2. My question was really towards whether there’s any improvements or performance gains by enabling this right this very second.

Thank you both!

Real answer is we don’t know yet as we are not running Python 3 on production yet. We are testing it in various places but those places are not at the scale of and we are not looking at performance as our first metrics.

I’d encourage you to try and see yourself if your setup is not too mission critical. The images work well for sure, the issues would be around edge cases.

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