Sentry 9.1.0 does not work with sentry springboot starter


I am trying to integrate onpremise sentry 9.1.0 into spring boot application using sentry spring boot starter 3.2.0. I am able to send events to the server but getting CSRF token error back
(checked this using wireframe as I am not getting any response error back in application).
Does 9.1.0 support sentry spring boot starter?
Could you please help me if we need to use the latest 21.1.0 on premise version to solve this or do any changes to 9.1.0 will help ?

CSRF error in html

CSRF Verification Failed

    <p>A required security token was not found or was invalid.</p>

    <p>If you're continually seeing this issue, try the following:</p>

      <li>Clear cookies (at least for Sentry's domain).</li>
      <li>Reload the page you're trying to submit (don't re-submit data).</li>
      <li>Re-enter the information, and submit the form again.</li>

Yes, very likely you’d need a newer version (at least 20.7.0 I think but then I’d just go with 21.1.0). @bruno-garcia can answer better.

I found out that the sentry spring boot starter version needs to degrade to 1.7.x to be able to successfully send errors

We have the following note on the release notes:

Note for Sentry On Premise users

This version uses the envelope endpoint. If you are using an on-premise installation it requires Sentry version >= v20.6.0 to work. If you are using nothing will change and no action is needed.

I hope it helps clarifying

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