Sentry API : unresolved at date


I’d like to know how could I get all the issues of a project through the API that were is:unresolved at a specific date. Is there a way of doing this ?

Something like
is:unresolved is:resolved createdDate:>=2018-10-16

My aim behind this is to have an idea of “how many issues did I have X days/weeks ago ?” in order to create custom graphs.

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is:unresolved age:-100h

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Unfortunately no way to get this data, since we dont store all historical states, but only the current state.

What @bishwashere is suggesting will give you “all currently unresolved issues which are older than 100 hours”. You can do similar filters which might help you with a few things like that, but will still be somewhat limited.

We have been talking about trying to capture these stats and aggregate them up so people can better track workflow/productivity/quality metrics. Ultimately for the use case I’ve described internally it’d be to understand each day how many new issues were created, vs how many were resolved, as well as things like MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution).

Thank you for replying. We’ll try the age filter with others but in deed we might get limited as I thought.
The second part you are describing is exactly what we are trying to achieve. We want to get a clear view of issues that we have tackled vs new issues (by day / by weeks) + MTTR or TTM (Time To Market).
Do you know approximatively when are we going to be able to see these kind of data/graphs inside Sentry ?

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