Sentry browser doesn't capture global errors

Hello everyone,

I have configured sentry browser including the script in my website and trying the basic example of capture error of myUndefinedFunction(); but doesn’t capture anything. However, when I manually send a captureException or captureMessage the errors logs properly in the issues board.

Launching Sentry.init() in debug mode I have found this error -> Sentry Logger [Error]: An event processor returned null, will not send event., but I don’t find related information of this problem in the forum.

Could anybody help me ?

Thanks !

How does your code look like?

Is it just a simple:

  dsn: 'DSN'


Yes, after load the script, similar to this example ->

The same code:

<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">Sentry.init({ dsn: 'DSN' });</script>

Just before of the error of the first message there is a warning but I don’t know if is related

Sentry Logger [Warn]: Event dropped due to being matched by `ignoreErrors` option.
Event: Error: Script error.

Any idea ?

How are you throwing the error?
Script Error indicates that where you throw the error is not on the same page / other script.
Here is a lengthly explainantion what it means


The javascripts of my application need the attribute crossorigin="anonymous" to identify the errors.

Thank you for your help Daniel !

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