There was 1 error encountered while processing this event


Error while processing event

I have an issue when sentry processes any event (next picture) in a BackboneJS project.

I capture exceptions this way:

* Function that will be invoked when there is an error with AJAX and 
* the it will be sent to the sentry server.
* @param  event
* @param  request
* @param  settings
$(document).ajaxError(function(event, request, settings, thrownError) {
	Sentry.captureException(thrownError  ||  request.statusText, {
		extra: { 
			type:  settings.type,
			url:  settings.url,
			status:  request.status,
			error:  thrownError  ||  request.statusText,
			response:  request.responseText.substring(0, 100)
* Function that will be invoked when there is an error
* @param  ex
function  captureError(ex) {
	Sentry.captureException(ex.message, {
		extra: {
			stack:  ex.stack,
			message:  ex.message

I’m usign a npm package : “@sentry/browser”: “^4.2.4”.

Looking for a solution, Chrome inspector lets me know that i had two 404 Not Found responses for /committers/ request.( Maybe, it could be the problem?)

Have you ever had this error? Did u know a solution, a workaround or even a clue where to start researching.


any help?


Are you running self-hosted Sentry? If so its because the newer SDKs have additional metadata in their payload that older Sentry doesn’t understand, thus discards.


Nope. I’m using sentry’s severs.

Also, I installed the last version: “@sentry/browser”: “^4.2.4”.


We landed a few changes recently in Sentry that would more prominently display bad behavior in SDKs. This particular case is the javascript SDK sending a slightly malformed request when a non error object is passed to captureException. A fix for this will land in version 5 of the JavaScript SDK which should hopefully happen very soon.

You can however ignore it, it does not cause any other problems other than showing this red bar.


Please make sure to install at least > 4.5.0 we fixed the issue there.

Recommended is always go with the latest which currently is 4.6.3