There was 1 error encountered while processing this event

Error while processing event

I have an issue when sentry processes any event (next picture) in a BackboneJS project.

I capture exceptions this way:

* Function that will be invoked when there is an error with AJAX and 
* the it will be sent to the sentry server.
* @param  event
* @param  request
* @param  settings
$(document).ajaxError(function(event, request, settings, thrownError) {
	Sentry.captureException(thrownError  ||  request.statusText, {
		extra: { 
			type:  settings.type,
			url:  settings.url,
			status:  request.status,
			error:  thrownError  ||  request.statusText,
			response:  request.responseText.substring(0, 100)
* Function that will be invoked when there is an error
* @param  ex
function  captureError(ex) {
	Sentry.captureException(ex.message, {
		extra: {
			stack:  ex.stack,
			message:  ex.message

I’m usign a npm package : “@sentry/browser”: “^4.2.4”.

Looking for a solution, Chrome inspector lets me know that i had two 404 Not Found responses for /committers/ request.( Maybe, it could be the problem?)

Have you ever had this error? Did u know a solution, a workaround or even a clue where to start researching.

any help?

Are you running self-hosted Sentry? If so its because the newer SDKs have additional metadata in their payload that older Sentry doesn’t understand, thus discards.

Nope. I’m using sentry’s severs.

Also, I installed the last version: “@sentry/browser”: “^4.2.4”.

We landed a few changes recently in Sentry that would more prominently display bad behavior in SDKs. This particular case is the javascript SDK sending a slightly malformed request when a non error object is passed to captureException. A fix for this will land in version 5 of the JavaScript SDK which should hopefully happen very soon.

You can however ignore it, it does not cause any other problems other than showing this red bar.

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Please make sure to install at least > 4.5.0 we fixed the issue there.

Recommended is always go with the latest which currently is 4.6.3