Sentry can't connect to gitlab

We self host sentry and gitlab and would like to have sentry interact with gitlab.
The configuration and everything for gitlab worked, but on every commit we get an email telling us that sentry is unable to fetch the commit because of it can’t reach gitlab.

Unable to reach host: [](

I already executed a ping from within the web docker container against and it works without problem.

Do you have another idea what the problem could be? (Is maybe the error messages misleading and it has to do something with access rights of the gitlab user?)

Can you share the logs as the stacktrace and things around it may give us a better idea?

Are the stacktraces of the web worker enough?

One thing i found in the logs:

sentry.webhooks: gitlab.webhook.invalid-token-secret (integration_id=1)

Despite doing the integration as described.

Sharing your config may explain this as tokens are sensitive to any extra characters (including whitespaces) in config files.

Maybe I am getting this wrong but: I have no gitlab token in my config files. All config I did for gitlab was in the gui

Yup, my bad. Confused this with the GitHub integration. Can you see the details of the request with debug logging to see if the secrets actually match or not?

Please excuse if that is super obvious, but
How do I enable debug logging and where are the logs located than?

Even if it was obvious, no need to apologize :slight_smile: should guide you. Please feel free to follow up here if you have questions.

Setting log level to debug also only returns the same info logline and no more information

[INFO] sentry.webhooks: gitlab.webhook.invalid-token-secret (integration_id=1)

Did you try removing and re adding the integration? I don’t know what the GitLab UI shows for enabling this integration? Does it ask you to copy/paste the secret token to somewhere?

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