Gitlab Integration


We are using the open-source version of Sentry and we would be interested into setting up gitlab integration, more precisely the Commit Tracking/Suspect Commit part of it.

I have been trying to follow this documentation: but the steps/screenshots provided don’t match what we have in our sentry setup:

  • There’s no integration field at the organization level (and I believe I have the highest privileges)…etc
  • The only gitlab integration I have access to is the Issue tracking one, and it’s at a project-level

I would like to know if either I’m missing something or it’s something not available yet/anymore or it’s something available only via the cloud offer?

By the way, we are running sentry 9.0.


Am working on same integration at the moment.

Default organization name in standalone instalation is: “sentry”

I have already integrated “releases” with gitlab-ci. It’s works.

GitLab is only available in the 9.1.0 release of Sentry, which we just published.


@zeeg @AndreyKravchina Got it, thanks for the quick answers!

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