Sentry can't find sourceMap (React)

I sent sourceMap files to sentry in releases. But errors(issues) didn’t resolve by sourcemaps. I want to see where the error is and its details. I am using Vite + React + TypeScript.

1- I send the sourcemaps to sentry during the build phase.
When i go to releases, i can see sourceMap files

Source Map Upload Report
  Minified Scripts
    ~/assets/index.aa8772b9.js (sourcemap at
    ~/assets/vendor.aad1cd72.js (sourcemap at
  Source Maps

2- Errors are not detailed. I think sentry can’t find sourcemaps

Sentry Config:

  skipEnvironmentCheck: true,
  authToken: 'xxx',
  org: 'xxx',
  project: 'xx',
  release: 'sm17',
  deploy: {
    env: 'production'
  setCommits: {
    auto: true
  sourceMaps: {
    include: ['./dist/assets'],
    ignore: ['node_modules'],
    urlPrefix: '~/assets'

How can I see in more detail where the error is?