Sentry-cli propose-version output has wrong seperator char


The correct release seperator char is @, thus a release should be of format


However, with command

  sentry-cli releases propose-version

the output seems to have - as seperator and output will be of format


Thus the issue reported in Sentry server and release deployed by command through DevOps

    - export SENTRY_LOG_LEVEL=info
    - export SENTRY_RELEASE=`sentry-cli releases propose-version`
    - sentry-cli releases list
    - sentry-cli releases new --finalize $SENTRY_RELEASE
    - sentry-cli releases set-commits $SENTRY_RELEASE --auto
    - sentry-cli releases deploys $SENTRY_RELEASE new -e prod

will be of two different releases then.

This is detected in our Android project.

Please kindly review this issue

Hi @liangrong, thanks for the report! I filed this as an issue on the sentry-cli repo:

Feel free to follow it there. /cc @kamilogorek