Sentry-cli releases new: get 404

jiezhiyongdeMacBook-Air:~ jiezhiyong$ export SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN=fed1da2581b940cdac2e0c04b45c0e65cffea8f0c3d44cdda3e6dd1ec095270a
jiezhiyongdeMacBook-Air:~ jiezhiyong$ sentry-cli info
Sentry Server:
Organization: -
Project: -

Authentication Info:
Method: Auth Token
User: (id=1)
* project:read
* project:releases
* team:read
* event:read
* event:write
* org:read
* member:read
jiezhiyongdeMacBook-Air:~ jiezhiyong$ sentry-cli releases -o Sentry -p Internal new 2da95dfb052f477380608d59d32b4ab9
error: http error: (404)

I can only assume it’s not compatible with the version of Sentry you’re running.

thanks, i will try another version.