Sentry client doesn't log on AWS ElasticBeanstalk (Flask)


I’ve got a Flask app with Sentry integrated to log every Flask app logs : Sentry(app, dns=###, logging=True, level=logging.INFO)

I also have my own self-hosted Sentry installed on an EC2 instance.

Now. Everything works fine when I run the app locally, or on another server. Catches all the logs, sends to the server, works like a charm.

However when the Flask app is deployed on AWS’ ElasticBeanstalk, Sentry only catches the first log, which in my case, is an information that the app has started. Afterwards there’s nothing coming from that given instance. I have actually 3 EB deployments : dev, staging, prod which I’d like to track, and none of them sends the logs (apart from the first log).

How can I debug this issue ? I can’t find any Sentry logs anywhere. Is there a known problem with ElasticBeanstalk ?

Many Thanks,

OK. It turns out my code was written in a wrong way.