Sentry custom log levels

Is there a way to have custom error / log levels instead of the predefined 5 levels provided by Sentry?

I would like to identify my errors in more granularity and assign them a color if possible to be shown on the issues listing. Even if adding new levels is not possible, is it possible to rename the labels as they semantically do not make sense on our setup ( and another name might make better semantic sense)

There isn’t a way to do either of those things, but the ask makes sense. Can you elaborate on what levels you use?


in one of the applications we identify known issues as P0, P1, P2 and so on, depending on the criticality. This can be mapped to existing levels sure, but the semantics are slightly different, so for example P0 might not directly map to Fatal, but in our domain it is highest priority.

In another application, we categorize errors based on the app functionality like transactions, login etc. Transactions related errors can be considered fatal, but login related errors can be fatal or warnings

i think the whole point boils down to:

  • the semantics
  • the flexibility to define more log levels