Sentry django admin portal


I am running sentry 20.11.1 and just found a django admin portal on the /admin path of my sentry onpremise instance.
I have been using sentry since since about 10.0.0 (~May 2020)

After looking for a bit I found sentry-docker/ at master · slafs/sentry-docker · GitHub (its in an unofficial setnry-docker repository), which mentions that the django admin credentials are in the environment file or default to admin:admin.
I can’t find the SENTRY_ADMIN_USERNAME anywhere in the on-premise repo I am building from, its probably something else. The credentials admin:admin do not work on the web ui.

I have a few questions regarding this:

  • How do I login to this admin portal? Are there any default credentials?
  • Is there a way to disable the portal completely? I have never used it.
  • Where are these credentials stored? Is there a way to change these credentials?
  • What does this portal do?

Any help will be much appreciated.


This endpoint is not supported or maintained. Please use /manage instead.

ADMIN_ENABLED = False in should disable it. I think we should do this by default.

Submitted a PR: fix(django): Disable admin on prod by BYK · Pull Request #23742 · getsentry/sentry · GitHub

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