Rebuild the sentry but use existing data sentry

A few days ago I made a topic about not being able to enter the admin page (manage page) but could not be resolved as well. Then I think to install it again, can I use the data in the current sentry to the sentry that I will reinstall? Or maybe there are other suggestions.

I use sentry on-premise and run it in the docker.


I think only the user created during the first run of the sentry docker who has set up as the admin can enter the admin page. The admin created later in Sentry can not access certain manage page, which is my case.

Try to use that first admin account instead.

If you make a reinstall, the admin account will be recreated. Considering the close linkage between accounts and projects, most probably a database restoring will corrupt the whole system.

I currently use the admin account that was first created during install sentry, but I still cannot enter the admin page (manage page)

@liangrong this is the problem, I can’t solve it yet :smiley:

“But if I use the correct authentication password, the error message does not appear.”

then without error message, what error do you have then?

If using the correct password, sentry does not give access to the admin page (manage page) but only reloads the password input page and asks me to enter the password again. that’s the problem, so I can’t go to the admin page to configure my sentry