Sentry Docker Update


I am using sentry on-premise using the docker-compose file.

When installing sentry I cloned this reposityry, edited the config files config.yml and and ran the script.

I cant seem to find any documentation on how to update the on-premise setup.
Can I just do a docker-compose pull and a docker-compose up -d to pull the latest containers ad run them?
Do I need to run again?
Is there some migration step that I need to run in the middle or after I am done with this.


There’s a section about this on the readme:

Have you seen this or you missed it because it was below the fold? :slight_smile:

@BYK Documentation is a bit unclear.

  1. Do I have to do git pull first before running ? Or
  2. Can I just run ?

I go with #1. It cause issue with docker network. Can’t remove network for some reason.

error while removing network: network [id reducted] has active endpoints

Manually restarted the docker service and run docker-compose down before re-running do the trick.

Didn’t try #2 but I guess it’s gonna have same issue with docker.

To be clear, this is not Sentry issue. This is docker issue. But it would be nice if Sentry state more clearly on whether to do git pull first or just run

Oh, this is good feedback. The expectation is for you to checkout the version you want to install/update to. If you want the latest master, just git pull from latest master. If you want to install another version, git checkout <version> and then ./

The install script itself runs docker-compose down but if it fails to stop all the containers, the error you mention would happen. I wonder what is getting stuck there.