Sentry event grouping


Sentry event grouping is not working in the best way for us, it keeps creating a new event group for the same issue.

I could see “grouping by Stack Trace” section in this article -

I am suspecting that the cause is that we are changing the location of the file system folder of the source code.

I could see “Normalized filename (removed from revision hashes etc.)” in the above article and not sure if it cuts the root folder of the source code or not, or if it removes the “release” of the application.

We do define the release of the application in the usage of the php sentry SDK, but it doesn’t solve it, should it solve it?

Here is example of two events that should have been grouped:

ErrorException/hd1/webapps/appX-v9.1/lib/person.class.php in add
Duplicate key
20 minutes ago — 21 days old

ErrorErrorException /hd1/webapps/appX-v8.0/lib/person.class.php in add
Duplicate key
a day ago — 5 days old

Our Sentry version is 8.13.0, will we need to upgrade in order to get this feature of normalization?

The PHP SDK is of version 1.6.2

Could someone please reply to this? We have a similar issue where a directory within our url is updated with each release, much like OP. It’s very inconvenient to get a new issue generated for each error with every release.

Is there any way to address with this through the standard node sdk?