Sentry events are not available on UI

we are running sentry version 9.0.0 on docker cluster.
we are facing a issue where clients are writing events to Sentry store and they are getting success also with the response Id. but same is visible on Sentry UI. for testing we are using sentry cli:

➜  Devops git:(monitoring) ✗ sentry-cli send-event -m "Something happened test"

and when go to sentry ui we see nothing.
but in postgress logs we are getting below error:

ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint \"sentry_environmentproject_project_id_29250c1307d3722b_uniq\"\n"

how we can fix such issue? any help on this much needed.

Hi, sorry for the late response. Sentry 9.0.0 is very dated so it would be hard to find help for that. Is there any reason why you are not upgrading (at least to 9.1.2 but preferable beyond that).

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