Events page not displaying duplicated issues

We have recently upgraded Sentry from 8.20 to 9.1.2 on premise. We noticed we haven’t been notified about any new issues and when searching in events page all issues are shown as seen 2 days ago. We further tested this and only started seeing new events when a unique event was sent. If we repeated sending this event only the statistic graph changed, while “Events” counter for that event always remained on 1 and the event date always matched to the time event was first sent to Sentry.

We also tested this on a new project and same issue happened. First time event is seen it is added to the list. After that only graph is changed and displays it received multiple of this issue.

We are suspecting this is a DB issue. Postgres logs contain lots of “ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint” but googling the issue we came to the conclusion this error is safe and is not an actual issue. At the moment we are lost and don’t know what else we can do. We saw some developers solved similar issue with sentry cleanup, but we would resort to this only if it was the only solution to the problem. What can we do?

Heya, sorry for the late response. Were you able to resolve this?

If not, can you provide more details about your setup? Are you using the docker-compose based setup or something more custom?

Also it is usually recommended to not upgrade more than 1 major/minor release at a time (so I’d rather go with 9.0 first and then 9.1), maybe that’d help?