Sentry Feature Tree

I drew a dependency tree of Sentry’s major features (ignoring things like snooze issues or modify email subject lines).

As users, when (if ever) would you like to see a feature map like this? Would you find it useful?

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I can immediately use that in a slide deck I’m preparing for an internal Sentry intro presentation. :slight_smile:

Also: “paid” only on SaaS, or also for on-premise (or even not available)?

Proposals: .graphml or .svg would be more useful (to me); a classic UML use-case diagram would require less explanation (if you keep the current format, explain what the arrows mean in the legend: depends on, includes as a use-case, …); and thicker lines for the color frames (beamers make your nice monitor graphics illegible).

Paid is only SaaS. Sentry has always been 100% open source, so all features as possible on paid (though things like symbolification are insanely complicated to set up, see Armin’s post on the matter).

Sure! Can you give me a link to another, similar diagram? I’d love to learn how people do these, especially for folks presenting internally?

Also what are beamers?