Hello there,
I am trying to setup openfeign with sentry. But it doesn’t work. Nothing happens. I don’t see any changes on

public class Main {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Sentry.init(options -> {
        GitHub github = Feign.builder()
                .decoder(new GsonDecoder())
                .addCapability(new SentryCapability())
                .target(GitHub.class, "");
        List<Contributor> contributors = github.contributors("OpenFeign", "feign");

interface GitHub {
    @RequestLine("GET /repos/{owner}/{repo}/contributors")
    List<Contributor> contributors(@Param("owner") String owner, @Param("repo") String repo);

 class Contributor {
    String login;
    int contributions;

I rewrite these code from manual , but it doens’t work