Associate identity with GitHub

Hi there

I’m trying to Link sentry with GitHub, but whever I try I get the following error message:

“You need to associate an identity with GitHub before you can create issues with this service.”

I have associated the identity plenty of times, and it doesn’t return any errors (but I guess that it hasn’t succeeded). I can’t see anything in my OAuth Apps on GitHub, which I think is needed.



Is this on

It should be prompting you to do the authentication flow when it says that.

Hi Zeeg

It is on

It does prompt me to do the authentication flow, which I then do, but I think it isn’t working somehow, as when I go back and try it again it shows me the same error.



/cc @jess @saragilford

The same thing happens to me on our privately hosted install. I found out it was because we use CloudFlare. Once I turned off the proxy via cloudflare, it worked.