Sentry: forward exceptions between clients?


My team and I have some special use case for our Sentry setup: an embedded device connected (sometimes) to an iOS app via a local link. The device itself can send data to Sentry when it is in development setup (bridged to internet) and the app on iOS nearly always (when online).

In the field use however, the iOS device is only sometimes connected to the embedded device. It cannot forward internet, just access the embedded device by a HTTP REST API, gRPC or similar.

We have been thinking on how to pass exceptions in field deployments to Sentry. The device could save them (in memory or limited on disk), but we don’t want to stress it to much in terms of writing data.

A general advice from you would be welcomed, considering:

  • limited storage / read write access on embedded device

  • connection between components not always guaranteed

  • internet on host (iOS) not always guaranteed

  • not exposing all detailed code exceptions via public API on embedded device

In general: Is there some method of forwarding JSON from one client to the other?

I know this is very specific, but your input is highly encouraged.