Exporting/Forwarding events to another sentry instance

Hi there!

I have a few questions regarding transfering data between sentry instances/networks.

I have several networks (VLANs), and would like to be able to pull (not push!) data from a Sentry instance in vlan A (Outside) to vlan B (inside). I can make connections from B to A, but not the other way. That means a possible solution is to have a Sentry instance in vlan B connect to the Sentry instance in vlan A to fetch all the events. Making changes to the network is not an option.

Is anything like this possible? Do you know of any projects that would enable me to do something like this?

One idea is to just have a “Sentry” endpoint that just caches data forever, that clients would use to report errors. Then a recurring job from Sentry B pulling the data from that cache.