Sentry is not captureing Errors in my AspNetCore 3.0 Blazor app


I try to use Sentry in an AspNetCore 3.0 Blazor ServerSide WebApplication. I have installed the latest Sentry.aspnetcore 2.0.0-beta6 package

I have setup sentry for AspNetCore in the CreateHostBuilder

public static IHostBuilder CreateHostBuilder(string[] args)
    return Host.CreateDefaultBuilder(args)
        .ConfigureWebHostDefaults(webBuilder =>
            webBuilder.UseSentry(o =>
                    o.Dsn = "...";

I can manually capture an Exception by Calling SentrySdk.CaptureException(new Exception(“CaptureException”));

But exceptions thrown in a method called from the WebPage do not appear in Sentry. Am I doing something wrong or did I miss something?


I haven’t tried out Blazor server or client side yet. I heard it’s out of experimental so we should definitely make sure it works well and we capture all sorts of errors.
I’ve created an issue on GitHub to track this:

We should be focusing on the .NET SDK shortly, to catch up with the new stuff added.
Thanks for raising this!

This may be irrelevant but I have the same problem with the Java Logback integration. Capturing exceptions manually works fine, but anything going through the logger is ignored by Sentry. This is on a clone of the example repo, mind you.

That’s for sure unrelated because those are different codebases.

Please raise an issue on GitHub ( ), and please include some steps to reproduce (ideally a small reproducible code like from a github repo of yours) so we can pull the code and debug though.