Sentry Javascript SDK + Wasm + CDN

Hi I am using Rust and wasm for a web game. I am semi-successfully using the Javascript SDK to capture errors.

Here are the last two methods involved in an exception captured by sentry.

RuntimeError: unreachable
at canvas_cardviewer::layout_state::LayoutState::on_move::h3f38028177f6a6d6(/spider-2-suits/index-2a618abb9dc544a1_bg.wasm:wasm-function[155]:0x3d9bd)
at canvas_cardviewer::card_viewer::CardViewer::on_move::h195f9893edb2cf62(/spider-2-suits/index-2a618abb9dc544a1_bg.wasm:wasm-function[158]:0x45da2)

I was expecting more information. Does the sentry/wasm package add more information?

I currently use the sentry JS sdk via the CDN and was wondering if the sentry/wasm package could be added to the CDN?